Short Thoughts

Public transit

I've seen talk about how instead of promoting car services such as Uber or Lyft, we should be investing in public transit instead. And while I'm a huge fan of public transit and use it for probably 90% of my transit around Portland, I also realize that it doesn't service every area well.

Sunday night

It's the Sunday night of a long weekend, which is my favorite of all Sunday nights.

Things giving me comfort today

I've been quiet in many of the online spaces I occupy lately. I've been retreating into things that I find comfort in during all the tumult.


Passion isn't the right word to describe any of this, instead we should find other words to talk about our work.

A difficult week

This week has felt like a hammer hitting me over the head over and over again

Implied shoulds

Doing what's right for you is never the wrong thing to do.


In my neighborhood right now there is nothing that will set people off more than talking about parking.


A season all the more significant this year.


My favorite yoga pose right now.

Self care

Self care in these difficult days


A new section

Real America

There is one thing that I've grown tired of and it's the idea that there is a “Real America.”