Short Thoughts

  • Deliberate

    I've chosen a word to be my theme for 2018.

  • Curation

    I think that's why I still love RSS so much.

  • Clinging to hope

    Hang on to hope friends, it's what will keep us going and help us get out of bed after the hard days.

  • Current coping mechanisms

    These days are rough times, the news is an avalanche of bad story after bad story, with a few notable exceptions; I thought I'd share some things that are helping me get through.

  • Overwhelmed

    By the end of the weekend I was thinking and writing, and it was like I'd come out of a fog.

  • Finally listening

    Recently I learned, yet again, that there are smart people in my life and I should listen to them.

  • Maker mythologizng

    One person talked about being a facilitator when you aren't sure what to make next. It was amazingly refreshing.

  • Meditation

    I'm coming up on 40 consecutive days of meditating.

  • On the mat

    Moving on my mat is what's keeping me sane right now.

  • Freeing

    Doing more to meet people who have nothing to do with tech has been hard, but so good.

  • Yoga app

    I'm an avid yoga person. I really love it.

  • Alone time

    Alone time, focused time, not multitasking, it was sooooooo good and it reminded me that I need to do it more.

  • Public transit

    I've seen talk about how instead of promoting car services such as Uber or Lyft, we should be investing in public transit instead. And while I'm a huge fan of public transit and use it for probably 90% of my transit around Portland, I also realize that it doesn't service every area well.

  • Sunday night

    It's the Sunday night of a long weekend, which is my favorite of all Sunday nights.

  • Things giving me comfort today

    I've been quiet in many of the online spaces I occupy lately. I've been retreating into things that I find comfort in during all the tumult.

  • Passion

    Passion isn't the right word to describe any of this, instead we should find other words to talk about our work.

  • A difficult week

    This week has felt like a hammer hitting me over the head over and over again

  • Implied shoulds

    Doing what's right for you is never the wrong thing to do.

  • Taking a break

    Breaks are a very good thing

  • Parking

    In my neighborhood right now there is nothing that will set people off more than talking about parking.

  • Advent

    A season all the more significant this year.

  • Savasana

    My favorite yoga pose right now.

  • Self care

    Self care in these difficult days

  • Notes

    A new section

  • Real America

    There is one thing that I've grown tired of and it's the idea that there is a “Real America.”

Gray flowers on a sketchbook spread
Sketchbook spread from November 2016, watercolor brush marker, and micron pen. This was completed after the election and the color switch between the flowers and leaves was part of my reacting to and dealing with the US election results.