Short Thoughts

  • Reality meeting books

  • I'm still here

  • Vote by mail

  • Being "green"

  • The necessity of feedback

  • Journaling

  • I'm back

    Notes is being revived.

  • Deliberate

    I've chosen a word to be my theme for 2018.

  • Curation

    I think that's why I still love RSS so much.

  • Clinging to hope

    Hang on to hope friends, it's what will keep us going and help us get out of bed after the hard days.

  • Current coping mechanisms

    These days are rough times, the news is an avalanche of bad story after bad story, with a few notable exceptions; I thought I'd share some things that are helping me get through.

  • Overwhelmed

    By the end of the weekend I was thinking and writing, and it was like I'd come out of a fog.

  • Finally listening

    Recently I learned, yet again, that there are smart people in my life and I should listen to them.

  • Maker mythologizng

    One person talked about being a facilitator when you aren't sure what to make next. It was amazingly refreshing.

  • Meditation

    I'm coming up on 40 consecutive days of meditating.

  • On the mat

    Moving on my mat is what's keeping me sane right now.

  • Freeing

    Doing more to meet people who have nothing to do with tech has been hard, but so good.

  • Yoga app

    I'm an avid yoga person. I really love it.

  • Alone time

    Alone time, focused time, not multitasking, it was sooooooo good and it reminded me that I need to do it more.

  • Public transit

    I've seen talk about how instead of promoting car services such as Uber or Lyft, we should be investing in public transit instead. And while I'm a huge fan of public transit and use it for probably 90% of my transit around Portland, I also realize that it doesn't service every area well.

  • Sunday night

    It's the Sunday night of a long weekend, which is my favorite of all Sunday nights.

  • Things giving me comfort today

    I've been quiet in many of the online spaces I occupy lately. I've been retreating into things that I find comfort in during all the tumult.

  • Passion

    Passion isn't the right word to describe any of this, instead we should find other words to talk about our work.

  • A difficult week

    This week has felt like a hammer hitting me over the head over and over again

  • Implied shoulds

    Doing what's right for you is never the wrong thing to do.

  • Taking a break

    Breaks are a very good thing

  • Parking

    In my neighborhood right now there is nothing that will set people off more than talking about parking.

  • Advent

    A season all the more significant this year.

  • Savasana

    My favorite yoga pose right now.

  • Self care

    Self care in these difficult days

  • Notes

    A new section

  • Real America

    There is one thing that I've grown tired of and it's the idea that there is a “Real America.”