Vote by mail

My ballot arrived in the mail yesterday. My state votes by mail, it’s the only way one can vote. Last week my voter guide came, with information on all the various races in my city, county, and state. Yesterday after work I sat down with the voter guide, my ballot, and a black ball point pen and over the course of about a half hour to an hour I voted. I took my time. I looked things up on line when I wanted more information and I tried my best to be thoughtful and true to what I believe. The ballot arriving reminds everyone that there is an election and their voice matters; to be honest with spring elections it’s sometimes the only way I’ve known something’s happening (that’s terrible, but true). This doesn’t mean that turnout is 100% in my state, but it does mean it’s higher than if you had to vote on a day at a polling place. Today my ballot went back via mail to my county election office to be counted come election day. Every state should vote by mail; voting should be easy.