Current coping mechanisms

These days are rough times, the news is an avalanche of bad story after bad story, with a few notable exceptions; I thought I’d share some things that are helping me get through.

  1. Comedies. I’ve gone back to sit coms and am watching The Good Place and usually guffaw every episode.
  2. Science fiction. Reading about another world, place, or time and how difficulties can be overcome is always good for my well being. (Current book is the latest Ann Leckie.)
  3. Cutting back on alcohol. This may seem counter intuitive, but it means I sleep better and feel better and deal with my emotions as they come.
  4. Crochet. My new meditation form, where it’s me and counting stitches.
  5. Leaving my house. Since I work from home it’s easy to become a hermit in the winter months, but I’m trying to get out and see people or at least walk around every day.