Maker mythologizng

I spent the past weekend at some local events that emphasized being a maker, I would argue, to the exclusion of most other things. In the midst of it, one person talked about being a facilitator when you aren’t sure what to make next. It was amazingly refreshing. Not just to hear someone admit that we aren’t all makers, but there are other roles. And I can think of several: educator, planner, organizer, helper, care giver, etc. Debbie Chachra wrote about this in her wonderful piece in The Atlantic, Why I Am Not a Maker which is a good reminder. I’m realizing as I age that I’m a facilitator, educator, and care giver much more than I am a maker, I’m really good at those things and I enjoy them. Also: if you are a maker, maybe take a few moments to acknowledge that you get help here and there, that you don’t do it all alone, that you are supported, maybe even by some of these other roles people take on in life.