Finally listening

Recently I learned, yet again, that there are smart people in my life and I should listen to them. It sometimes takes me years to do that, because I’m stubborn and irrational (aren’t we all at times?). I no longer have pain in my back from working on a computer because I listened to my massage therapist. Standing all day along with a few other things did the trick! I’m less anxious and stressed about the state of the world/my country/my city because I’m reading less news and social media. Many friends talk about taking breaks and I’m doing it regularly (along with isolating some accounts in a private list on Twitter so that I choose when to see things). And I’m more inspired and seeing more amazing art because I bit the bullet and went back to Instagram (I still don’t love it, but well, it’s where people are posting amazing things). Realizing the smart people in my life are right and listening to them and changing has been a good thing of late.