Self care

I’m in my kitchen with chicken soup cooking on the stove, the stock is made from the leftovers of my Thanksgiving turkey. And I’m thinking about self care. Since the election I’ve been keenly aware of how I take care of myself now that the news from both my country and the world is so difficult to take. The things I’m doing aren’t innovative, but they’re working for me. I’m cooking a lot, I mean, I’ve always cooked, but I’m putting more care in making sure we are well nourished and cared for through food I make. I’m also doing a few other things every day: yoga, even if only for a few minutes, some type of drawing, journaling, and listing three things for which I’m grateful. And it’s working. It’s helping to combat the depression I feel after I read a news site. And of course, the biggest thing for me, is staying away from social media and reactionary takes on the world. I hope you too are finding the ways in which you can care for yourself during these difficult days.