Recently watched: May 2024

I don’t watch a ton of TV or movies, especially not during baseball season, but I just finished two shows that I really enjoyed and thought I’d share. I’ll also add that this may be a regular thing but much less frequently than my book posts. I’ve given up all social media (except Ravelry—is Ravelry social media, I’m still not sure about that), so I’m once again trying to put the things I’m thinking about here.*


When G and I saw the previews for Franklin while watching Masters of the Air we were quite skeptical. Michael Douglas as Benjamin Franklin, would this really work? Reader, it works. It works for a couple of different reasons; the series is based on a book by Stacey Schiff and the story is really well done and the rest of the casting is spot on. It’s about the time Franklin spends in France trying to win support from them for the revolutionary war. Highlights include the casting of John Adams and how he and Franklin interact, Franklin’s grandson Temple who I knew nothing about, and the spy game being played by Britain throughout. I liked it so much I’m considering reading the book it’s based on. You can find the show on Apple TV+.


A noir detective series where each episode is roughly 30 minutes? Yes please. Colin Farrell is fantastic as John Sugar. He’s hired to find a missing woman by her rich, famous grandfather. Classic noir story and Sugar is really into old movies so you see clips throughout the show. There is a lot more to this show and I don’t want to spoil it, but I did see the big twist before the actual reveal and it didn’t bother me, but it made the last 2 episodes a bit odd. That being said, the performances by Farrell and Amy Ryan are fantastic and I enjoyed the show as it felt different right from the very beginning of the first episode. This show is also on Apple TV +. (Can you tell we have a free 3 month trial and are making the most of it?)

*This is completely inspired by Rach Smith and her posting every day this month.