Star Trek

I guess you could say I’m a Star Trek fan, I’m not a super fan, but I’ve watched quite a few of the series and enjoyed them. But I haven’t watched much of the original series, although I live with someone who really enjoys it. This week he got me to watch the original pilot episode. This isn’t the pilot that the network accepted, but the first pilot that Roddenberry tried to sell them. It’s a strange episode to watch, because parts of it were used for a later episode of the show, so it goes between and old scratchy black and white version and a cleaned up color version, but it’s about Captain Pike and Majel Barrett plays Number One. Yup, you read that right, the original vision was for the first officer to be a woman. And Roddenberry included non white actors. It wasn’t accepted and he changed things in the next one to get it on the air, but it was really interesting to see how much Roddenberry was pushing the boundaries and trying to change things right from the beginning.