Posting, blogging, sharing

I posted a bunch of links with this post. Many to posts talking about social media, how we relate to one another, what the heck we’re all doing on the internet now, and I’ve been reading even more than I’ve posted. I’ve read takes that talk about aging out of social media, people who are throwing themselves into one particular thing, or others, like me, who are retreating.

I’m honestly not sure where I’ll end up, but right now, I’m here. And I’m going to be trying to post a bit more of these notes while keeping up with the links and book round ups. The one thing I’ve noticed is how much more energy I have for other things in life because I’m not scrolling. To my surprise, along with not doing social media much, I’m also not reading much online.

Reading paper books, knitting, sewing, cooking, doing the things that take care of me and mine in this little house are all at the forefront. All those things on that list energize me and make me feel better, not worse. I’m loathe to see if any of the places the people I miss from social media have gone are worth disrupting the equilibrium I’ve found.