Clinging to hope

2017 has been a hard year and I’m just about to go into my end of the year retreat, where I stay offline, read, draw, and write. But I wanted to write one last quick note before I retreat and point out some reasons to be hopeful in the midst of what has been a lot of awful.

  • The enrollment numbers for the Affordable Care Act for 2018 came out today and despite the administration’s best efforts, the numbers are amazing. so far it looks like almost the same number of people enrolled as last year despite the fact that the open enrollment period was much shorter. These numbers can only go up as state marketplaces report in. This is activism at work, people reaching out to people to spread the word.
  • Several deep red states held special elections that were won by Democrats. There is no longer a Republican super majority in the Georgia state senate. Oklahoma had several state legislative seats go blue this year. And of course the amazing work in Alabama.
  • More people are getting involved in both local and state and national politics. Fantastic candidates are coming forward wanting to serve and help make change. 2018 could be an amazing year of correction and I’m feeling hopeful.

This is all hope. And there is more, a lot more, you have to look harder but you can find it. Hang on to hope friends, it’s what will keep us going and help us get out of bed after the hard days.