Digital minimalism

I’ve made a few changes in the last few weeks to how I’m using my devices. I’m a big iPad user, my iPad mini is usually by my side when I’m at home. The phone is more for when I’m out and about and it’s used for taking photos and getting directions and that’s about it. But now that I’m working full time and I don’t feel the same pressures as I did when I was freelancing, I’m stepping back on the weekends. The iPad is put away more, I’ve taken all social media off of it, and it’s been wonderful. I check email once a day and read the newsletters I love, but I’m alone with my thoughts more and more, taking walks without devices and even going out a lot without one as well. And today in Anne Helen Peterson’s newsletter she talks about “hanging out in your own mind.” I love that concept. A bit more from her that I found helpful to hear this morning:

Which is why, as Newport points out, a digital “detox” doesn’t work — because you just re-enter into your old habits once you come back from it, immediately retoxifying yourself. You have to commit to a different sort of relationship with your phone — one that will feel awkward at first (what do I do with all this time!) until you start new habits….

I’m saying you should find the things you do want to do. And sometimes it takes staring at a wall, and hanging out in your own mind, to figure out what they are.

She’s talking about Cal Newport, if you’re unfamiliar with his work I recommend taking a look. I’m still figuring out what works for me, but what I do know is the last few weeks I’m reading more, feeling more relaxed, and finding the things I want to do.