Goodbye 2021

2021 is ending; don’t worry, this isn’t a long retrospective of the year that was, mostly because I’ve pulled back from sharing as much online and I don’t really want to get into details, but 2021 was bumpy, wasn’t it? For me it got very bumpy towards the end; don’t worry, we’re all fine in this house. But as I’ve navigated the bumps I’ve thought a lot about what I wish had happened and what I hope will happen in 2022.

This is vague, I know, but I’m honestly only thinking about 2022 terms of what I can do that’s in my control. The virus? Very much not in my control. Because of that I’m focusing on our home, my physical and mental well being, and how I can find some community in the midst of the ups and downs of virus case counts and new variants and intractable social problems and (waves my hands all over the place) everything.

If you’re reading this, thanks for following along. One goal is to post more here, that started in the last month with doing more photos in this space rather than social media. And I’ve got some posts rolling around in my head about a few other things. This isn’t really a blog about the web anymore, sorry, not sorry. It’s a place where I share what I’m comfortable sharing about my life.

Happy New Year friends, my wish is that we all find the thing we need at the exact time we need it to make it through whatever is coming our way.