August vibes

Over the last several years August has become the hardest month of the year for me. I know so many folks who have a hard time with the end of winter, but where I live, the spring starts early and it’s long and it’s gorgeous, but August, ugh, August.

In an attempt to write a bit more about life here, I thought I’d start a semi regular vibes post. August is almost over, I can’t wait for September to start, fall is coming, right? But it’s not here quite yet and with heavy smoke in our area off and one and still warm temps, here are the things that are getting me through:

  • The Bedrock Tee pattern. I had high hopes for this one and it’s living up to them. I’ll be cutting and sewing up a few more of these this last week of the month.
  • Using up leftover yarn from other projects to knit up some things that I’m loving! 2023 has been all about using up, both yarn and fabric, and it’s been great to do that. I just finished a shawl that turned out so well and I tried a new to me knitting technique. I’m currently doing a hat that should be bright and colorful and fun. (Sorry for the Ravelry link, which you need an account for, I do my best where I can to use open links but some designers don’t have their own websites.)
  • Cooking vegetarian for summer. This has been a struggle for me, but this summer I finally found some vegetarian summer meals that we both like. I’m trying to cut back on meat for reasons I don’t really want to get into here, but finding some ways to do salads and other things with beans that are meals we enjoy and are filling has been a huge step forward. I highly recommend Jenny Rosentstrach’s recipes, they’ve been super helpful to get me thinking in a new way.
  • The Wilder Podcast. I know, this is a weird one maybe? But I read all of The Little House books as a kid and I’ve really enjoyed the way this podcast has looked back at them honestly and with grace. It probably helps that the main host and I are the same age, there’s a lot of shared experiences here.
  • Books. I’ll have my latest round up out soon, but so many books that I tore through in the last couple of weeks and really enjoyed. Something about summer heat and laying on the couch with the AC on me and a good book in my hands that really helps me get through the rough patches. Heavy smoke? Who cares when I have books. (I mean, I care, I do, but books help.)
  • Yoga with Adrienne 30 days of Yoga, Breath. This is the first 30 days of yoga I did with Adrienne and I’ve been doing it again this month and it’s been a lifesaver. I’ve slowed down, followed my breath, and stretched out my body. When I can’t be outside for my daily morning walk, this helps so much. I subscribe to her app because I love her videos so much, but this is all available for free on YouTube if you are interested.

I’ll make it through no doubt, we’re almost done with August and into September and the cooler weather will arrive at some point. Hat tip to both Dave Rupert and Made by Rae for inspiring me to do this as they each do semi regular posts on vibes and faves that I enjoy reading quite a bit.