The oldest post on this site dates back to 2011 and as I've gone through changes in career and life, the site has morphed and changed with me. Beginning as a blog, it later became the place where I talked about my consulting in web development and more. In more recent years, this site has evolved into a place where I do thinking via writing and where I track things I want to remember whether they related to my professional life or not.

I've spent almost 20 years working on the web, focusing on HTML, CSS, and accessibility. My roles have included work in big companies and small agencies, and I've engaged others in a variety of ways including independent consulting. As I've worked with designers and engineers to bring sites and products to fruition, I've advocated making sites accessible to all.

Most recently I was a front end developer at Vox Media, working on sites powered by Chorus. Prior to that, I worked with clients and companies ranging from large ones like The New York Times to smaller agencies like Fictive Kin and nonprofits like ProPublica.

This site is my space to talk about my life, the things I make, the things I read, and any other bits and bobs. My current interests are sewing, knitting, and reading which is what currently makes up the bulk of my posts.