My experience and expertise

I’ve worked on the web for over a decade and spoken at conferences such as SmashingConf Whistler, and dsgnday, as well as written for industry-leading publications, such as A List Apart. This has given me insight not only into my own projects but also the challenges and solutions others have faced.

I've worked with teams such as:

  • The New York Times
  • ProPublica
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Paravel
  • Spoke
  • Bocoup
  • Fictive Kin
  • FiftyThree
  • Cloud Four
  • Editorially

I cut my teeth writing markup and CSS, gradually moving into leadership roles, primarily working with CSS, HTML, and accessibility. I eventually turned my focus to creating design systems based on team needs, figuring out how to maintain and keep them relevant. This is the work I love—helping organizations meet their goals as efficiently as possible while keeping humans happy and the web accessible.


If you want to know a little more about me, check out these articles, podcasts, and speaker videos.



Podcasts & Interviews

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