Reading, voraciously

I’m not really sure what’s come over me this month, but I’m reading at an astounding rate. I’ve had two books going at all times and as I finish one I’m planning which I’ll start next. Because this appetite is so voracious, I’m also pushing myself to read more nonfiction and it’s working.

I realized at the beginning of this month that to take care of myself I needed to retreat. I feel the privilege of being able to do that, believe me, I’m able to do it without negative consequences. It started by stepping back from social media and it’s increased to where I’m staying off screens other than when I’m working to keep myself away from all the things that I don’t need to read.

And my inputs then naturally went up. If I was going to take away the option to doomscroll, I needed to do something. Books have been the main replacement. Mary Ruefle, Alan Jacobs, Esi Edugyan, Tommy Orange, and others have taken me into different worlds or ways of thinking. At first I thought it was a distraction but I now realize that it’s helping me process waves hands all around… everything. Even staying away from the news, I still get bits and pieces here and there and I’m still trying to process the insanity in some way. Books are my way.