Film Noir

It all started last November when we were clicking around Kanopy trying to settle on something to watch and found a section called Noirvember. That was it, we added a bunch of titles to the watch list and we’ve been watching old noir movies ever since.

Not all noir is good noir, that’s quickly apparent. And as we’ve watched we’ve seen young stars, before they were quite so well known such as Kirk Douglas in the late 40s or early 50s before he was Spartacus. Actors that may not have gone on to any real fame, but we recognized them from other things we’ve watched; so many were in Star Trek: The Original Series.

We supplemented Kanopy with a few movies from HBO Max, to get some Bogart in our lives. The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca are classics and great films, well worth a watch any time. And we’re not done yet, we have a few more on the list to watch.

All this time with old films has been so good for my mind, seeing how people told stories 70-80 years ago. Even if the story isn’t great, it’s always interesting to see the way in which it’s shot and the dialogue delivery has been amazing in several. It’s been fun to find some hidden gems as well.