It’s summer where I live and that means the following things have happened this week.

  • We ate breakfast on the patio for the first time yesterday. Living in a place where it gets hot, the mornings are the best time of day on the patio and I love sipping my tea as the bees and bugs do their thing in the flowers around us. Some times a lizard even joins us to start the day with a sun bath.
  • Stone fruit, stone fruit, stone fruit! I had my first nectarine and it was glorious, worth the price as they are still a bit expensive. I’ve also bought some blueberries as I wait for the bushes in our yard to ripen up, but they’re loaded with fruit so I’ll have fruit soon.
  • Last weekend we went to a AAA ballgame, I think my first one ever but I’m not totally sure (I may have gone to a St. Paul Saints game long ago). It was a beautiful evening and AAA ball is pretty good ball. Along with the game there are always funny things for entertainment and the Rivercats didn’t disappoint as it was Dino Night for National Dinosaur Day.
  • I’m excited to sew again. For some reason sewing is a bit seasonal for me and hot afternoons means I’m content to be inside in the AC at my machine. Currently I’m making some t-shirts, a pair of shorts, and hopefully a dress if I can figure out the fit.

What I most love about the beginning of summer is the fact that I’m outside more and it shifts the way I start my day. Instead of a device and the world creeping in right away, I’m often outside taking a walk. And while I drink my tea after eating, I’m outside looking at the flowers. Something about being outside shifts me away from screens and news and the world and right now that’s been good for my well being.