Hold tight friends

These are weird times friends, very weird times. Today is when things really hit home for me, I planned meals with what we have on hand. I didn’t go to my Sunday knitting group, even though it was still held. And I called my mom to make sure she’s taking this seriously. It’s a strange thing, I don’t go out a lot as it is, but the few things I do regularly are now cancelled (including the knitting groups). I’m very glad I live near nature, I’ll still be running this week and going for walks. I already got all the supplies I need to get my veggie starts going for summer, garden planning is still on. But there is an underlying tension that isn’t going away. I’m grateful for the online support of friends and that I don’t need to go out at all. Hold on tight friends, face time with each other, make sure you are checking on folks in the community around you, and most of all, feel what you’re feeling.