The Golden Specific

Last fall while on vacation I picked a book at random from my library list and read it, The Glass Sentence. And as I said then, I really enjoyed the characters and the story. Well, Sophia and friends are back in The Golden Specific and it’s just as much fun. And this book ends with a huge cliff hanger, so I’m eagerly awaiting the next book out this summer.

In this edition, we find Sophia at home with her Uncle, but this time, she’s received some clues as to her parents’ whereabouts, so she is spending her time searching. Meanwhile, in their local politics a very bad man is rising to power. The tension is high and the cast of characters are searching for ways out. Sophia’s Uncle is accused of murder and in prison and hardly seen for most of this book, so the focus is on Sophia, who travels across the Atlantic on her own, and Theo, who is trying to free the Uncle.

I really enjoy these books. And, because G asked me about the age group I looked that up, they are great for late elementary school kids. I highly recommend if you know a young reader, pass on these titles if they don’t know about them already.