What I miss

I’ve seen the question around in many different places. What do you miss? What do you miss from the before times, from what was normal, from life as it was? And I see a wide variety of answers, common is going out to eat and being able to hug friends and family.

I miss the library. Towards the end of our time in Portland, I started to use the library quite a bit, but once we moved to a small town, the library became one of the main sources of books and movies for me. When it shut down suddenly in March, I was bereft. We have a pile of books waiting to return and I’m sad that I can’t go and browse the DVDs to get a movie.

I’ve been reading digital loans, which of course are now in high demand, but I put several on hold at once and haven’t been without anything to read yet. But I miss going there, being with my community, being able to look around and see what books they’ve gotten in.

This week they announced they’ll be starting front door pick ups for items you have on hold and you can start putting items on hold again next week in order to use this service. I’m not gonna lie, that was the most exciting news I’ve gotten in a while. This is a bit of normalcy that our household needs. Even though I can’t go in and browse around, I’m very grateful to have access to what’s inside in some form.