The newspaper

We get a newspaper delivered to our house every day. I know, an actual physical newspaper. After we get it off the porch, we make breakfast and sit down to eat and read. Yes, we are the fifties couple of yesterday, but living in 2014.

Lately, I’ve come to question this and rethink why we get it. We don’t get our local paper because it has gone dramatically downhill and doesn’t offer daily delivery, so instead we get a paper that is written and published 3,000 miles away. And much of what I see in the print edition are headlines I saw the night before online. So why bother? Why get the paper?

This week it hit me why I like a physical paper. On Tuesday I sat down to eat and grabbed the science section. It had an article on giraffes, so I started reading all about giraffes. I also usually page through the business section and end up reading interesting, smaller articles. To be honest, I would never have sat and found those articles online, even though I’m sure they are there. By paging through the sections, I find and read things I don’t think I normally would otherwise.

I must admit that G loves getting a paper, so we will probably only stop when we can’t get one anymore. But I too have come to love it. I love opening the pages and seeing what I find as I scan headlines and read articles and hopefully learn something new. Like did you know that female giraffes form friendships? I learned that on Tuesday.