The last month or so has seen me reading voraciously. I’ve been spending most, if not all sometimes, of my weekends reading books. It is starting to be normal that I finish at least one book a weekend, if not two. I’ve always been a reader, most of it happening at night as I go to bed, reading a bit. So I slowly worked my way through various books. But lately, I’ve stopped watching TV and movies, opting for books instead.

Just yesterday, when I finished a book on the porch, I realized how quickly I was reading and how much. G and I often spend our weekends quietly, taking the time to recharge from the busy week, but much of that time used to be spent streaming something. Now, I grab a book after brekkie, settle in, and hours fly by.

It finally dawned on me last night why, what was happening. As I write more, trying to get better at it, I want to read more. Learn more about great writing by reading really good writing. So my reading is a mixture for sure, books on design, writing, novels, nonfiction, and more. But the thing that I hope all the books have in common is that they are teaching me how to write myself. Along with trying to write regularly, I’m reading voraciously, to improve my writing. It’s a shift in how I am spending my time, but a welcome one.

I’m also grateful that lately so many wonderful people in my life have been pushing different books at me. All of them have opened up new worlds to me along with getting me to think a bit differently about life.