Many people have written about Chloe and as I’ve read them I’ve learned so many different things about her personality. They are all wonderful tributes to her.

I don’t want to say much except that the last time I saw Chloe was for dinner when I was in Brooklyn last May. We shared a salad and pizza and talked about our lives, her move back to New York, the webbish community, tech, and more. Her parting words to me that night as I was about to walk into the Nu Hotel are words that I have thought about deeply in the past few months. They only make sense in the context of the entire evening’s conversation, but the impact of her words, probably an offhand remark to her, still stay with me.

And that was Chloe in so many ways. Unassuming, loathe to have anyone make a fuss over her many wonderful talents, but always ready to compliment you in some way. This past week I had been thinking about her as next week is the CSS Summit and she and Petra and I always sat together at ISITE to watch the broadcast. I realized she wouldn’t be there and thought about how odd it would be. Then I opened twitter.

Even though we didn’t spend loads of time together, I will miss you Chloe; your quirky tweets, your fantastic photos of FACE, and the wonderful things you made both online and in real life.