A few weeks ago I got an email from a local friend introducing me to someone I have long admired in the web community. Then I got an email from that same person asking me if I wanted to work with his start up. After spending a moment hyperventilating, I knew instantly that I had to move forward and apply for the job. Honestly, everything he said about it made it sound like a fantastic opportunity.

I moved forward through the process, talked with all four co-founders of the company and thoroughly enjoyed the conversations. They are such smart people. Plus when I got into the beta of the app, I found it to be an interesting product; one that I am definitely excited about.

So I’m excited to say that next week I start working with the team at Editorially. To get the chance to work with people I have followed online and heard speak at conferences over the years is a bit scary, humbling, and exciting. I cannot wait to get started and to learn and grow with this team.

Over the past several weeks as this process played out, a few things became clear to me. All of the ways I have pushed myself to be involved in the web community, both locally and online, has been worth it. I made choices to go to conferences even if I had to pay for myself and take vacation time, I pushed myself to go out on the rainy evenings and meet people at local meet ups, and I continued to write on my blog and interact online with people to keep up with all the change that is constantly happening on the web. All these actions led to having a local friend recommend me for the job at Editorially when Ethan reached out to him. Plus, being involved in the community has kept me sharp, as well as reminding me how fantastic our community really is.