Today I enter the final year of my thirties. I am optimistic about this last year of this decade of my life as my thirties have been incredibly good to me. In many ways they allowed me to focus, figure out what was important and not be afraid to implement changes to make the important stuff rise to the top. In my thirties I married G, I started out on a completely new career path, I moved to a new city and together we made a new home, and I learned to slow down and enjoy it all a lot more.

Finally at this age I am comfortable with the fact that I am an introvert, that I enjoy an evening at home with G and Sally more often than I want to go out. I guard my time. I realize that striving for as much freedom to choose in life is important. That means not just having the ability to say no, but also, the ability to choose what is best based on more than just financial pressures. This is translating to simplfying life. We have been on a massive clean out of our house, going through and getting rid of things we don’t really need or want anymore. As the process has evolved over the past months I feel so much better in our home, I feel less clutter in my head as the clutter and stuff leaves the house. In addition, we are translating that simplicity into the rest of our lives.

So the goals are to spend money on experiences and not things, to strive for financial freedom so that working can be on my terms and not someone else’s (this one will take a while), and all of this is made possible by the simple life. So as I wind down my thirties I am grateful. Grateful for the clarity and for the focus. Grateful for good friends who don’t think I’m crazy when I talk about these things. Grateful for a husband who agrees and makes me laugh every day and puts up with my silliness.