It is that time of year, at least in the US, where people are thankful. At least, I hope, in the midst of the crushing craziness that is the start of the holidays there are at least a few moments of peace and quiet. This year has me thinking about my life, the good things, the things for which I am immensely grateful, and the way in which I am trying to continue to simplify life.

So in honor of Thanksgiving, and in honor of bringing some positivity to the web, my little list of thanks:

  • A wonderful little family with whom I get to spend each day. G who makes me laugh and Sally dog who is still with us (yay!), even though she is aging fast. I am grateful for them.
  • I work in an industry that is so generous and wonderful. Every day I read various things on the internets that challenge my thinking and help me in my day-to-day work.
  • Every day I sit down at a computer, connect with people around the US, and get to work on a team that challenges me. I learn so much from all of them and my coding, my thinking about usability, and my understanding of how to do support well has grown immensely in these last 4 months.
  • I live in a city that is filled with great food, great wine, great bourbon, and lovely neighborhoods to walk through. In addition, there are lovely people, some of whom I am lucky to call my friends.

So some of that is hokey, but it is true. And this time of year, it’s OK to be a bit hokey, right? Happy Thanksgiving friends.