Settling into freelance

If you follow me on twitter, than you know I’ve gone freelance. I haven’t written about it in this space yet, because I’ve been busy — which is a good thing. But not sharing this news in this space doesn’t feel right, so here I am talking about it.

I decided to go freelance after Editorially for one reason: I just didn’t think I could replicate the great team and work culture that was Editorially. Instead of trying to do that with a full time job, I’m going it alone. This has its disadvantages, I miss chatting with people in Slack on a regular basis. I miss the regular hangouts, especially the laughter and joking that occurred in them, but I am adjusting. I am working to find new community as I work and it is different, but not bad. Change is always a bit hard for me, but this time around it has been even more difficult because it was a change I didn’t choose.

I’ve opened my doors, revived the dead Susan Jean Robertson Development, LLC, and I am already working on projects. In what seems to be typical for many freelancers, I am overbooked a bit, so these next few weeks will be a bit busy. But I’m learning my capacity and slowly I am hoping to even things out. I am also grateful that I have work right out of the gate: I am lucky and I know it.

I’m currently booked through April, but if you have front end needs, particularly responsivey CSS types of projects, then let me know. I’d love to talk.