No internets

I recently got back from a beach vacation. What made this unusual is that I went on vacation and took zero internet capable devices. Yes, I even left my phone at home. This was the first time in a long time that I’d done anything like this. And I noticed a few things.

  • When I was at home, the tempation was much greater, I turned off all devices before we ate dinner the night before we left. Being in my normal environment made me want to be online more.
  • I observed a lot more of what was going on around me as we were in airports and laying on the beach. Much of this was because if I didn’t feel like reading, I just looked around.
  • I only really missed it when I wanted to know the time, since I don’t wear a watch, my phone has become my watch.
  • We did a lot of wondering out loud about things, asking each other quesitons and then just letting go when we didn’t know the answers, it was OK to not know. It was also OK to just imagine and wonder.
  • I was completely focused on my husband and my surroundings, this was a very good thing.

Honestly, when I switched everything back on the first morning I was home in order to start my work day, I started fresh, not looking back in any feeds. I really wasn’t missing anything, was I? If I was, it would find its way to me, isn’t that what email is for? The break was fantastic, I have already noticed a difference in how I am using things now day-to-day. I was reminded of what is truly important to me which is people and experiences, not sharing it all online or reading about others’ experiences online.