Goodbye my girl

I grew up with dogs, but the reality is they were my mom’s dogs. She was the pack leader, rightfully so as she took care of them and did everything for them. When they died I had already moved out, so I didn’t experience the day-to-day loss of their presence.

But then Sally came into my life. And now I was the pack leader. Even after G came into our lives, I was the one she looked to. As G would say, we were “two peas in a pod.” And for the past two years, she and I have spent almost every day together as I worked from home. We were so in tune with each other and just a look from her could tell me so much.

But in the last year she started having significant health problems. Visits to the vet became more frequent and she slowed down considerably. We knew what was coming, but were trying to get through the holidays. Alas, last night Sally just couldn’t do it. She woke me up and I knew something was wrong; within two hours we had said our final goodbyes.

I am feeling this loss acutely. Even just hours later the house feels a bit empty. But I am also grateful that I was able to journey for over 12 years with her, for she was amazing. If you want to see just how amazing, check out some photos, the most recent taken just yesterday morning, in her Christmas outfit.

Goodbye my girl. We miss you and love you.