Daily Drawing 2017: A quarter of the way in

I bought a book last fall, a daily drawing book that would take you through a year, Draw Every Day, Draw Every Way by Jennifer Lewis Orkin. On January 1, 2017 I started the first month of prompts using the first set of materials, watercolor brush markers. Yesterday I finished the third month of daily prompts and materials, drawing with white, gold, and silver pens on black paper.

Day 4
January drawing, the prompts were from nature and watercolor brush markers are one of my favorite materials.

What I’ve come to love about this book is that the prompts are useful and I can take as much time or as little as I want. If I’m tight on time, I draw for five minutes, if I have more time, I draw for 30. It works for both.

Day 4
February drawing, the prompts were all based on food and I was pushed to use a medium I have very little experience with, colored pencils. Turns out I really like them.

I also love being pushed to use materials I don’t think to use all the time. I tend to fall back on the things I know and love, which is natural, and this book is pushing me in new directions. April is a number 2 pencil and black pen, which should be interesting. In February I used colored pencils and found out that I really love them. In March the black paper became tiresome and difficult, but I saw it through.

Day 4
March drawing, the prompts were all favorite things and used a very limited palette of gold, silver, and white pens on black paper. Turns out this got tiring and hard for me.

I’m starting today with April, the prompts are what you’d see around town and it’s another new material, I don’t tend to grab pencils to draw very often. But seeing progress with the materials each month is part of the fun as well.

Sorry about the not great photos, but I'm focusing on documenting my thoughts about each month here more than on sharing great photos. Related: I'm not a great photographer.