Daily drawing 2017

I’m a bit behind on my writing and posting on this site, but wow, what’s going on in the policitical world has sapped the energy from me. But I did want to talk about what I’m doing for art this year, since I’ve started a year long challenge. I’m doing Jennifer Lewis Orkin’s Draw Every Day, Draw Every Way throughout all of 2017.

I follow Orkin’s work online (mostly via Twitter when I’m there) and I’ve also taken some of her classes on Creative Bug, and when this book came out last fall I bought it and saved it to do this year. So far I’m loving it.

I’ve never done a year long challenge before, just the 100 Day Project twice, but after reading through this book I thought it would make the perfect year long challenge. Each month is broken up into different topics of prompts and different mediums. So instead of thinking of this as one year long thing, I’m thinking of it as twelve month long challenges.

The first month is my fave things: black pen and water color brush markers and the prompts are all about nature. Orkin starts each month talking about the medium and how you can use it, which is super helpful, since some months I know I’m going to use things that I’ve hardly or never used since starting regular drawing a bit over a year ago. But that’s also what’s exciting, to have the push to use new things.

Along with this, each month has a reflection space, to think about what was good and what was difficult about the month. I’m exited about that as well, it fits in with how I’ve started journaling regularly, reflecting is now part of my daily life.

I may post things to Flickr or right here in the photos section. But so far I’ve enjoyed just drawing for me; not feeling obligated to share it in any way.