Last week, in spite of the holiday, was an extremely difficult week around my house. But it was also a week that taught me so much about community; the community I am a part of both online and in person. The biggest thing I learned? It doesn’t matter if I have ever spent time in person with some folks, the bond of friendship and community is there.

But what has surprised me? What has caught me off guard and made me more grateful than I can say? The number of people who responded to my news with something personal—an email, a card, a phone call, flowers, and even a quick stop by with cookies. Even in this day of easy tech solutions the outpouring has amazed G and me. We have felt completely cared for in the midst of our craziness and grief.

This, this is the positive side of the internet. The one that I am not so sure we hear about all the time. The one that I think should outweigh the rest of the crappy stuff. And for this side of the internet, I am so grateful.

So thank you community, thank you for all you do for me, even when I forget to tell you.