Yoga at Home

6 years ago this month I took my first yoga class. I’d been looking for a while for a way to get some exercise into my life and decided trying yoga was a good place to start. And my neighborhood had a studio close by, even better. Little did I know that this would transform my life and that yoga and practicing yoga would become a huge part of my self care.

Over the course of the past several months I’ve been trying to get a regular home practice going. The reasons are plentiful, but they boil down to my favorite teachers opening a studio that’s difficult for me to get to and my desire to do what my body is feeling on any given day. I already Yoga Journal quite a bit and then I saw this book talked about in an issue, Yoga at Home by Linda Sparrowe. I’ve been slowly reading through it over the past month or so and finished it yesterday.

The book is composed of short “chapters” where a person talks about their home practice. Some of them are well known and others I’d never heard of, most are yoga teachers, and they are from all over the world. The great thing about the book is that no two people have an identical home practice.

As I think about and work on getting my home practice to work for me, I found a lot of the advice helpful, but most particularly, the advice to let go and be in the moment and listen to your body. Each time I step on my mat, it should be a time where I do what my body needs, and that’s what’s so great about home practice, it can be that every time.