Y: The Last Man

On the heels of reading Ministry of Space, I picked up a volume that’s been on the shelf for quite some time after I found a cheap used copy at Powells, Y: The Last Man. I had no idea what this was about, but several people on the Twitters recommended it, so I decided to go for it.

Essentially, within the first issue, every man on the planet dies, except for one, and it is done in a very rapture like way. They just suddenly die, so planes crash, cars crash, and there is general chaos. The one man who does live, is a bit eccentric and manages to find his way to his mother in another city, who is an official in the US government.

What I found really interesting about this comic is the mystery. What the heck happened to all the men? Why did Yorick survive? In addition, the very different reactions of different women is fascinating. Some mourn, some say good riddance, and many fall in between. I’ve only read the first volume, so the first five issues, of this one. But I have the second one on hold at the library already.

In addition to the interest that the plot and story have sparked in me, I really enjoyed the writing. And of course, when I realized that the same writer is doing Saga and Copperhead, one of which I love and the other I want to read, it all made sense. This is what I’m loving about comics, so many times I can follow either a writer or an artist and it opens up a whole new world of fantastic comics.