When I travel I often want a book that I can easily pick up and put down if there are interruptions and when I finally got my turn to read Wrecked by Joe Ide, it came right as I was leaving on a quick weekend away. This is the third in the series about IQ, Ide’s main character who lives in Long Beach, CA and it is the first book where the main story line running throughout the earlier two was mainly wrapped up.

I wasn’t sure where Ide would take this, but he didn’t disappoint. IQ is a fantastic main character who is smart, but also doubts himself and feels awkwardly socially. Finally in this book we see IQ in a relationship and we see what happens when he cares about someone deeply and needs to help them.

I enjoyed this book, it was a perfect travel read, and I have no idea if there’ll be another one, but I’d love it if there were.