The Bunker

I read my first title from Oni Press over the weekend, The Bunker by Joshua Hale Fialkov with art by Joe Infurnari. It’s a great dystopia of the future going horribly, but the future is speaking with the present.

A group of friends go to bury a time capsule in the woods on their last day together, but they end up finding a bunker, a bunker filled with various information, but most importantly, letters to each of them from their future selves. From there we learn about a horrible dystopian future that they are all headed for, but their future selves are trying to help them make it better.

The reactions by each of the group are varied, and each of the group plays a very different role in the future and in the present. What’s most interesting is how the letters are written, who in the group did what, and how they all react in very, very different ways. Some believe it and go for it and do what their letters say, while others are much more hesitant.

Along with all this are the varied relationships between the group and how those current relationships and the hints at the future relationships play out in the first volume. I really enjoyed The Bunker. I loved the sketchy pencil type of art work. I spent extra time looking at many of the panels; especially now that I’m drawing again, I look at the art work in comics much more closely. The back and forth between the future and present was also super interesting, trying to piece together what each of the group would become and how they could change that.

Now I can’t wait to read more volumes, to catch up and see where The Bunker goes.