Season of Darkness

The other beach read from this vacation was a bit lighter, but also a good beach read, to be honest. Season of Darkness by Maureen Jennings was quite good. We’ve been watching her other mystery series that is now a TV show, Murdoch Mysteries, so I had some familiarity with her work. Season of Darkness takes place in Britain in 1940, as World War II is raging, but of course that doesn’t mean that murders stop occurring in the country.

Tom Tyler, the main character, is not happy in life, but doing the best he can. When a Land Army girl is murdered, he’s sent headlong into learning about many of the things that are simmering under the surface of the small village. And with an internment camp of Germans near by, the war is very much present in the entire book.

Jennings weaves a good mystery and I’ve already put a hold on the second book in the series at the library. Tom Tyler’s an interesting character and I’ve enjoyed series that take place with the backdrop of World War II, but aren’t directly connected, such as Foyle’s War, a great TV mystery. And right now, some lighter books are right up my alley, so I can escape a bit from the craziness that is the daily news.