Recent comics read

Here’s the most recent comics I’ve been reading. It’s been so fantastic to get so many wonderful recommendations from fellow comic readers. Thank you all so much!

##Wonder Woman I’ve just started reading some super hero comics and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by them. Ms. Marvel is fantastic and I really wanted to try Wonder Woman since I loved the TV show when I was a kid. I love the New 52, great story, great art, and lots of suspense to keep me flying through the volumes.

##Cinderella: Fables are Forever I read most of Fables last year and now am finishing up the series as it ends. So I decided to keep going with the other tales that were done in the same vein and first read Cinderella: Fables are Forever. A fun back and forth through time and a new Fable character made this a great read.

##Fairest I’ve made it through the first two volumes of Fairest and I’m really liking them. I love the way each volume focuses on a different female Fable and takes you on an adventure. It’s been great to read about these characters again. I have the last two volumes on my shelf and will get to them soon.

##Lazarus I found Lazarus through a post on Khoi Vinh’s site and am I glad I picked up the first volume on a whim. The dystopian future of warring families with cyborgs or robots or whatever they are exactly is fascinating. I finished the second volume last weekend, it was just as good as the first—highly recommend the series.