I read a review of Patience and put it on my library list and started a hold on it. I had never read anything by Daniel Clowes, but the cover and the review intrigued me.

Over the past four days I read through it bit by bit after work. And while I enjoyed it, I’m glad I got it from the library rather than buy it myself. It’s a story about time travel, regret, correcting wrongs, and love. The artwork is bright and wonderful, I enjoyed the panels quite a bit.

What I did enjoy was the imagination about how time travel could work, the different eras as they were portrayed through fashion, hair styles, and cars. I can relate to the feeling of regret, not on the level of the main character, but on some levels. But I also loved the character of Patience, she’s not what I expected her to be and she isn’t the main character either, but the character around which the story revolves.