At the end of last year I used the NPR Book Concierge to find some new ideas for books and added them to my list. I especially scoured the comics & graphic novels section and in it I found Nimona and I finally read it this week.

I know it’s early to say this, but Nimona is in the running for the best book I’ve read in 2016. It is an absolutely amazing story of a girl who can shape shift and she wants to be the side kick of the evil villain in the kingdom. The writing and tone of the book had me laughing out loud while reading it on the bus (sorry fellow bus riders, I’m not crazy, really). And the characters are much more than what you think at first.

But the best part of the book was all the science. Science is cool. Science is funny and science is how the actual villains (who aren’t who you think at first) are controlling the kingdom. But the relationship between Nimona and Lord Ballister Blackheart is the heart of the book and it is so wonderful.

I don’t want to say much more, because you should read it. You should read it right now. Really. Are you reading it?