Global Frequency

Last night was a rainy spring evening in Portland, so I settled in with a glass of wine and Global Frequency by Warren Ellis. I will admit that I’ve been on quite the Warren Ellis kick lately and I have more of his work waiting for me. I so loved Planetary and Trees that I’m willing to give anything he’s written a go.

Global Frequency wasn’t my favorite of his, but I did enjoy most of it. The issues were a bit hit or miss for me, but I discovered some artists that I really enjoyed, so I took time to really look at some of the issues’s art work. Big Sky illustrated by Jon J Muth, The Run illustrated by David Lloyd, and Detonation illustrated by Simon Bisley were all superbly done. I also really loved seeing different artists interpret the same characters, added more interest to me while reading.

And I love the character of Miranda Zero, super awesome heroine. Are you on the Global Frequency?