Girls of Paper & Fire

I’ve been a slow reader this year, taking my time to work through books and I’m in the midst of quite a few very long books, so I decided to intersperse this one after I saw Marie had read it on Instagram. Girls of Paper & Fireby Natasha Ngan and James Patterson was a good escapist read and quick.

Lei is kidnapped and taken to the palace to become one of the concubines for the demon king. The world consists of three main castes and humans (papers) are on the bottom. She’s also searching for her what happened to her mother when a group of demons raided her village 7 years before.

But the book blossoms into a lot more than I anticipated. It’s a love story, a rollicking adventure, and it ends leaving you hanging as it’s the first in what will be at least two books. Lei and her fellow Paper Girls are an interesting bunch and seeing how they all react to being “chosen” at young ages to serve a vindictive and abusive kings is fascinating. The wait the follow up is going to be long.