I know, I know, I know! More Warren Ellis, but I did say in the last post that I’m on a bit of kick with his comics, so I’m reading all I can get my hands on. I got FreakAngels out of the library last week and spent the weekend reading it in between cooking Italian food.

It’s a good read, an interesting scenario, with a group of children who are all connected through mind powers and who were born all at the same time and then 6 years before the first volume, the world ends and the people left are scavenging to live. The FreakAngels rule a section of London where they provide food and protection to a group against marauding gangs.

What I enjoyed most was the relationships between the various FreakAngels themselves. They definitely have varied personalities and some grew up with each other and are quite close. There is also quite a bit of tension between how the various angels think things should be run, and with their various skills they definitely all run different parts of their small community.

I’ll be going on to the next volume and reading more, it’s not my favorite Warren Ellis, but it is entertaining.