I read a lot of comics and lately I’ve been reading them digitally through my library with the app Hoopla. What’s been truly great about this is that I can scroll through the comics available and read about them and decide to try them out right then and there. I found Daytripper that way and wow, I am so glad I did. I know last year when I read Nimona I said it was in the running for my favorite book of 2016 and honestly, it was the best book I read. Daytripper is in the running for my favorite comic of all time.

This is saying a lot because I’ve read a lot of comics I love (Planetary, Nimona, etc) but Daytripper is a loverly look at a life lived. Each issue in the volume, which is a slim ten issues, looks at a different age of the main character Brás, and shows a different death. Don’t worry I haven’t spoiled anything for you, this is revealed quite early on. But what’s amazing is how the beauty in the small moments is found in each of the vignettes of this one life. As one of the authors says after the series is done:

We wanted that feeling that life was happening, right there, in front of every one of us, and we were living it.

They succeeded and if you like to look at small, beautiful moments in a life lived, I highly recommend taking an afternoon to read Daytripper.