CSS Animation: An Interactive Guide

I am woefully behind in reading a lot of tech books that I have purchased in the last 6 months. Between client work, getting ready to speak, and just plain old not wanting to always think about CSS, I’ve let things sit for a bit. But it’s a new year and I’m back at it! Vicki Murley’s book CSS Animation: An Interactive Guide is fantastic.

I loved her first book, CSS Transforms: An Interactive Guide, so I was an excited backer when she did the Kickstarter for her animations book. These books are iPad only, but in many ways that makes them better. The interactive demos embedded throughout the book are fun to play with and helped me understand the concepts in a deeper way.

In addition, they are short and to the point, something I appreciate. With this book, Vicki did a Codepen Collection, which I’m looking forward to digging into and playing with to get an even better handle on animations and how I might use them in projects.

This wasn’t my first introduction to animations, I’ve seen both Val Head and Rachel Nabors speak, but this book will become my go-to reference guide when I’m working on projects.