Comics, comics, comics

Almost one year ago I read my first comic. I know, I’m a late bloomer here. But since that first trade of Fables I’ve become a comic lover. Since I’m trying to record what I’ve read on this site, comics are no different, but since I don’t really highlight from them, I’m just going to do a roundup here of the latest series I’ve started reading in the last month. Right now I’m really enjoying comics. My reading for pleasure has become almost exclusively comics in the last month.

One reason for this is that I’m enjoying the slow down and looking at the art that goes along with the story. I love the different styles, the different ways in which comics convey other languages being spoken and other changes that may occur in the story line. Plus, holy cow, there are some great stories in these volumes. I’m sucked in and can’t wait to get the next issue or volume.

So, on to the latest comics that I’ve been reading.


I put out a call on Twitter for recommendations at some point last year and then saved the list in a ComiXology wish list to slowly work my way through. (Although I should note: I’m either buying my comics at a wonderful local store, I like supporting a local business, or I’m checking them out from the library.)

Ethan recommended Planetary and wow, I love it. The art work, the story, the everything. As you’ll see with my next comic, I’m becoming a bit of a fan of Warren Ellis. One of the things I’ve found in comics is that I enjoy ones that take place in our world, or a world I can relate to somewhat, but there are twists within it. That’s basically a running theme in most of what I’m reading right now.

I’m in the middle of volume 3 of Planetary right now, enjoying it quite a bit.


I discovered Transmetropolitan by lurking on Twitter. I find myself reading conversations between people I follow that include comic recommendations, since I’m keen to find more interesting ones to read.

I’ve only read the first volume of this series, but it ended with a bang. The take down of religion had me rereading it several times. I’m enjoying the strange city in the future where it is set, and really enjoying the commentary on the media that is woven throughout.

The Invisibles

The Invisibles came through more Twitter lurking, I’m discovering people who talk about comics and listening in. Like Transmetropolitan, I’m only through the first volume of this one and it took me a while to get into it, there was a bit more back story and set up, but because I was reading the volume, I kept going to the end and I’m glad I did.

The main characters in The Invisibles are saving the world from evil, which is a theme of many of the comics I enjoy I’m noticing. There is a world that is part of our world that we can’t see, don’t know what is going on, and good and evil are duking it out. I feel like I’m still getting into The Invisibles, but am enjoying the band of characters that are training a new member. I’m excited to see where they go next.

Do you have anymore recommendations? Anything else I should check out? I have most of Warren Ellis’ work on my list, so I’ll be getting to that. Tweet at me, I’m always looking for more recommendations.