Comics: 4 volume twos

I recently was back on a comics streak, plowing through several volume twos of various series I’ve started, so here are some quick thoughts.

Trees Volume 2

This is by far the comic I’m most interested in these days. I’m a huge Warren Ellis fan, but I’m also eager to see where this goes, now we have more clues as to what the Trees are, how they may or may not act, and how various people are trying to use them for their own advantage.

I’m sad because I get Ellis’ newsletter and he’s said he won’t get to the next story arc until sometime next year. The waiting to see where this goes is gonna be hard.

Injection Volume 2

Yup, another Ellis book. I like Injection, but after the second volume I’m a bit more hesitant about it. I’m still trying to figure out what the injection is, where this is going, and why I should care. Caring is a big deal with me in stories, if I don’t care about something or someone, I usually can’t get into it. I’ll read volume 3, but it may be a library checkout rather than buying it.

Descender Volume 2

I love this comic. I’m super intrigued by the use of robots and how those robots are becoming human like in some ways. I love that we’ve learned more about who Andy is and who are all the others in this fight against and for robots. Tim 21 is going on quite the adventure and I’m loving going along. The art work in this one is also great, I pause on spreads often, to soak it all in.

Sex Criminals Volume 2

I’m done with this comic. Which is amazing because the volume ended on a cliff hanger, but I just don’t really care, I’m not finding the characters interesting and the whole hook of it just doesn’t grab me. I’m not sad I gave it a go, since I love Matt Fraction so much, but I’m OK with not reading any more of it.