Captain Marvel

Many months ago, I asked for more super hero comic recommendations. I’ve loved Ms. Marvel and, if I’m being completely honest, I’ve come to love Marvel overall. That’s right, in the battle of Marvel vs DC, I’ve ended up on the Marvel side. BUT I actually read a lot of non super hero comics, so even though I prefer Marvel, I’m reading a lot of Image and Vertigo as well. But I digress, back to super heroes. So, a few weeks ago, I went to the comic shop and I picked up Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue DeConnick. The author, in particular, came highly recommended.

I wasn’t disappointed. What I’ve grown to love about comics and especially the Marvel super hero comics is the humor that is in the midst of the situations. Captain Marvel is unhappy with live, so off she goes to space and tries to do good. And I’ve already bought the next two volumes to continue on with the series. I can’t wait.

Also: thanks to all the comics people who have recommended things to me, it’s been awesome!