I really enjoyed The Martian so when I heard the the same author had another book out, I hopped on to the hold list at my library to read it. In Artemis Andy Weir is again back in space, but this time he’s set the book on a colony on the moon, with a main character who grew up there. Jasmine “Jazz” Bashara is a smuggler trying to find her lucky break in order to pay back a debt.

The moon colony is run by an organization out of Kenya, since they’re right on the equator the time to travel to the moon is shortest and they control the cargo and the people that go up and come back down. But the colony on the moon is populated by people from all over Earth and different ethnic groups have different specialties and work in different aspects of the colony.

The story itself is a caper, where Jazz is trying to get rich quick by pulling off a dangerous deed for the richest colonist on the moon. It isn’t a great book, not nearly as compelling a read as The Martian but it was entertaining and good TV reading. Nothing too surprising happens, the characters aren’t super compelling, but the action is well done, mostly because of the inherent dangers of being on the moon; I’m a sucker for adventures where the life and death nature of the setting plays a large role in the drama.