Ancillary Sword

I finished Ancillary Justice and eagerly put a hold on the next volume, Ancillary Sword at the library to be able to get to it as soon as possible. Ancillary Justice ended on quite the cliff hanger and I could wait to keep going.

And, while in some waiting rooms and on some planes, I quickly read Ancillary Sword. The story line that was so compelling in the first book, a civil war in the empire, kept going at a fantastic pace. And as Breq moves from moving in the shadows to being a fleet commander on one side of the war, her diplomatic skills are tested and amazing.

This book confronts who is part of a society and who isn’t. Who do we call Citizen and who is left at the bottom and not even considered a real person. Leckie delves deeper into this topic and she does it with such fantastic writing. Breq is the advocate for all, quietly pointing out the problems she sees, and fighting for those with no voice.

I can’t wait to finish up the next book in the series, I’ve already started it.

Strange, how equally important, just different always seemed to translate into some “equally important” roles being more worthy of respect and reward than others. (loc 3142)